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Abby Joy

Abby Joy is an artist-designer with a sensitivity to everyday beauty, celebrating and highlighting aspects of nature via her uniquely refreshing perspective. Inspired by people & cultures, she focusses on translating aesthetics across spaces and mediums –whether public, private or canvas space, Abby Joy considers how local environment and culture shapes creativity and how to showcase this.

She draws from a wide frame of reference, fruit of an upbringing as the daughter of field anthropologists in the African region and an academic focus on the Middle East.  Raised between cultures and continents, rooted in everyday beauty and the value of shared spaces to personal and communal identity,  creating carries the joy of showing the known in a new perspective.

Designing started with an endless curiosity for the unspoken stories of where we live and what we surround ourselves with: the richness of inherited crafts, the scope of modernity, why we emote to aesthetics and how this is interpreted into space. Her body of work spans the theatre, residential and commercial interiors and collaborative object design.

She combines a multi-disciplinary working knowledge of the interiors industry with formal study at the Inchbald School of Design. Her body of work as a designer & artist reflects an enduring interest in contemporary cultural heritage.

who with

Creating concepts that come to life is above all a collaborative process, here are some key partners:

1882 LtdAdam Carter, Café Art, Charlie Ward, Emily Coles, Figo Home, Georgia Doherty, Isabelle RobertsJacqueline Bouchier, Joe Morris, Mara KleinRamona Jones, Rachel Mae, Rupert Merton, Stevi Oliver.