‘Aesthetics of Mapping II’, a study on the relationship between our experience of environment and the creativity it inspires.  We were given the challenge of Art on a postcard format; having previously worked on an Iona - inspired collection on the relationship between mapping and aesthetics, this is a variation in a Tryptich of botanical cyanotype prints worked over in gold ink. The work is currently on auction through @ionacraftshop 's postcard fundraiser.

The community of Iona have launched an international Art Auction in support of rebuilding their village hall, a hub for its local and visiting community alike. What a pleasure to contribute a little to a community who stand so faithfully on the shoulders of giants in fostering a sense of place and value for creativity, who also took very good care of me some years ago whilst stormed in in deep Winter!

Aesthetic of Mapping II

Aesthetic of Mapping II

the regular irregularities of Australian Aboriginal Art

Our involvement with Bay Gallery Home has focussed on translating a niche aesthetic to wider audiences, taking cultural heritage away from 'ethnic' and back towards, quite simply, beautiful.

As a branding & design consultant, work has spanned the interiors of Bay Gallery Home's Tetbury showroom to consultation for its trade exhibits to the design of its logo, website & associated channels. It is a real source of pleasure to contribute blog & media content.

Bay Gallery Home has its roots in representing the Australian Aboriginal artists of the Northern Territories, and has drawn upon the expertise of the British manufacturing industry to produce a pioneering Interiors collection My Country.  Its range of tiles, wallpapers & rugs and a bespoke made to order service) is a true embodiment of Art in the everyday.

It is an enterprise that is expanding the global awareness of this ancient culture, whilst providing additional revenue streams to its communities.

My Country references the Aboriginal philosophy and creative process, whereby all of creation is in relationship, at one with the land. Its particular provenance and symbols – mapping myths, rituals and sacred topography – results in a compelling, versatile aesthetic with a most subtle compositional depth of field, imbuing spaces with wider horizons of the imagination.

Its sophisticated visual language is composed of layers of regular irregularities of colour, geometry, repetition and scale dynamics. These abstractions and their visual coherence are perfect foils for modern minimalist forms as well as the more eclectic schemes.

It is an aesthetic we have sought to showcase throughout.